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Look for Discount Opportunities of Business Insurance

Every insurance provider is different, but many do offer lower prices for combined policies, similar to the discounts offered for combined homeowner and auto policies for consumers. Devine noted that purchasing a BOP, which is designed specifically for small businesses, will already help you save because of its bundled general liability and commercial property insurance. He also said that some carriers may offer discounts on other add-on policies.

If you’re not sure about what discounts an insurance carrier provides, ask to speak with a representative who can explain the different policy combinations and available deals.

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Review and update your coverage every year. Your business is constantly changing, and your insurance needs will change right along with it. You might need certain coverages now that you didn’t need last year and vice versa, so taking the time to review and update your policies with your insurance agent will ensure you’re spending exactly what you need to, Rasiah said.

Macedo recommended constant, proactive discussion about insurance with your agent or broker, which may mean using higher deductibles to purchase broader, higher coverage limits for a lower premium.

“[Business owners] should talk to their brokers and insurers and really go over their risk profile and make sure the coverages match the potential liabilities,” Lupica added. A small business is a risky venture, but the right coverage can help take some of the risk out of the proposition.”

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